The #1 Good News in Dating Older Women

A lot of guys are really getting into dating older women. Unfortunately, a lot of guys are getting into it for all the wrong reasons. A lot of young dudes think that just because these older women are looking for young, hot cock that they are good to go. Well, I’m sorry to break this to you, just because you are young and you have a stiff, hard dick doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be dating older women anytime soon.


It’s not just the question of a huge demand and available supply. You still have to treat them with the kind of respect that you often use for meeting younger women otherwise you won’t be dating an older woman. Otherwise, you’re not going to meet with much success.


The #1 good news in dating older women is that you only need to treat them the way you treat other women. That’s the good news. Why? They have a tremendous amount of energy and demand for younger men. You have that working for you. Add a little bit of respect and play the game the right way and you should do fine. In other words, you don’t have to go through the same heartaches that you normally go through when chasing after younger pussy. That is tremendous news because you can reserve that for improving your game, looking better, and otherwise bringing a better value package to the table.

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